My name is Geoffroy Schied, I am a professional musician, founding member of the Mahler Chamber Orchestra. Since 1998 I spend a big part of my life on the road, performing all over the world.

On a concert night in London in 2013, I met a professional photographer who was shooting with two rather compact cameras from the Fujifilm X series. Seeing the beautiful and emotional moments he captured on that evening inspired me to take photos again.

I share some of my images via this blog, a life made of music and photography.

13 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Geoff,

    that’s just great. These are wonderful pictures. You are not only a professional musician, but also a professional photographer. So, if the bow breaks you just have another opportunity ;-).

    Hope to see you in a few days in Ferrara!!!
    Best, Stephan


  2. Dear Geoffroy Schied,

    I would like to obtain permission to reproduce one of your photographs on a forthcoming website.

    May I ask you to write back to me with your permission requirements?

    James Leggio


    1. Hi James, thanks for your message. In order for me to give you the conditions, I need you to give me more details about the website you plan to set up. Is it private, commercial, a blog page. Etc

      I look forward to hearing from you,

      All the best,


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