A day of spring

A day of spring:                                                                    a red vault in a bank where not anyone                                                                        is doing anything.                                      

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In the studio with Emma, March 2020, a trench-coat and colored gels  

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in Extremis

March 24th, 2020 Images of my last shoot with V, in Extremis before the lock down, playing around and getting to know some new light modifiers in the studio. This time we had once again some wonderful mirrors to play with, as background or reflectors. And since we are in confinement these days, I have […]

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Le garage hélicoïdal

On a recent visit to Grenoble, I discovered a hidden Art Deco gem, le Garage Hélicoïdal. It is practically invisible from the street, squeezed between other buildings. Louis Fumet and Louis Noiray, the local architects designed it in the late 20s, and it was completed in 1932. It originally offered extra services to the drivers, […]

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Petra and the Dead sea

After a night in Wadi Rum, we had the day to experience the wonders of Petra and drive by the Dead sea before catching an evening flight.

It’s hard to convey the overload of brightness during the midday hours in July, something we dearly miss now at the end of winter. This is also the reason I decided to present a monochrome series.

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A night in the desert

It’s been over 7 months now since I spent a night in the desert in Jordan.

At the end of a week’s reportage, accompanying musician friends who were bringing music to the refugees in Jordan, this was a very spontaneous escapade.

We had been traveling daily out of Amman, under UNHCR escort, to various refugee camps and host communities, meeting incredible people, refugees and carers.

But we weren’t going to leave Jordan without also seeing some of its famous sites, and on our way to Petra, we raced with the sun to arrive in time for the sunset in Wadi Rum.

Nothing had prepared us for such a contrast, the beauty and silence of that night under the stars after the daily proximity to such human drama, by the Syrian border.

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